Sigvart Knoxon, having earned a name in the wastes as "The Demon of The Wastes", both in the east and the west, has people telling stories about him, whether it be to scare children or if there's just people sitting in a pub, talking about urban myths.

The StoryEdit

"Around the wastes, there walks a horrible Demon. This Demon is filled with nothing but cruelty and anger, bringing nothing but destruction where it goes. If there once was a good person inside of it, that person is long gone.

Entire cities have been burned by its flames, great and tough armies (Great Khans in Wyoming) has been humbled by its presence, villains and heroes alike fears its mention, the people who tries to hunt it are hunting for their grave, the people whom it bestows mercy upon becomes more demons in its hellish army and if you cross paths with it, you will have no place to run or hide. There will only be the end, slowly walking towards you before it ends you.

So watch out in your travels, for you might meet it. And do good in your life, because it might hunt you if not. The Demon of The Wastes watches you."


  • The story is highly inaccurate as Sigvart is a rather kind and mercifull person, though he will go to far lengths in order to achieve his goal (a utopia for soldiers.)
  • The story often uses "person", "it" and "its", indicating that people are uncertain wheter Sigvart is a man or a woman.
  • Sigvart has been to plenty of places throughout the wastes. East or west, someone is bound to have heard the story.

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