"The nut is one of the most rumored areas of the Mojave,But the rumors are wrong"
—Loading screen

Exterior Edit

The nut is a top secret base covered in snow,The base is owned by the politics using the money they saved/stole/earned,With enough money they got they built the nut the 1st level is the hangar which sends out Vertibirds and anti-Aircraft guns that can detect attacking Vertibirds if they 1st fired

Interior Edit

Inside is a Vertibird hangar for the politics personal Vertibirds,The mountain opens in half to let Vertibirds in and out if a invading party in the takes on the sky they'll be blind by the snow and where the entrance is located,Personals are advice not to go out during and after a attack just incase the invading party sends scouts,going level to level forces the person to climb the stairs except the exit where it is a monorail that stops in a station in a nearby town but the monorail is hidden inside the station once personals tries to exit the station the station will forcefully make everyone leave and cover the entrance of the monorail

The nut
Snowy mountains
Region Mojave
Factions The politics
Leaders Professor Cultuv
Notable inhabitants Professor Cultuv

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