Tyler McQuare
Tyler with is Vault Suit
Born Brazil, Rio de Janeiro
Race American Human
Affiliation Vault 328
Role Adventurer
Location Wasteland
Level 18
S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Strenght: 4

Perception: 6 Endurance: 7 Charisma: 10 Intelligence: 4 Agility: 7 Luck: 2

Skills Big Guns

Melee Small Guns Lockpick Speech Unarmed

Perks Lady Killer

Little Leaguer Gun Nut Thief Bloody Mess Impartial Mediation Infiltrator Explorer Power Armor Training

Derived stats Damage Threshold: 35 (+15 against melee and unarmed)

Personality Edit

Tyler McQuare is Open Minded,Adaptive,Good friend,Tough Guy and is a bit "Psycho" some times,he kill inocent people and some time later he goes sad because of it

Weapons and Equipment Edit

Armor Edit

He uses a modified Vault Jumpsuit with the letters "V C" because he are from a Base called "Vector Claims" located on Wasteland,his JumpSuit have a Heavy Protection on the Knee and the Legs(because it are his weak point),he also have a PipBoy 3000 Mark Iv

Weapons Edit

He love Pistols and Small Guns,is favorite weapon is the 9mm Pistol,he also is good with big guns,he have 7 weapons

9mm Pistol

9mm Submachine Gun

Hunting Rifle

The Terrible Shotgun



Brass Knuckles

Aid Edit

  • Stimpacks
  • Rad-x
  • RadAway

History Edit

He Born on Brazil at 2068,on 2074 Tyler go to Las Vegas, United States with his father Taylor Clyde,but,when the Great War starts on 2077 he and his Father go to the Vault 101 and then lives there,but on 2091 his father dies after being atacked by a Radscorpion,then,he left the vault and go to a Base called Vector Claims and modify his Vault Jumpsuit and start his training with the Raiders from there,on 2092 when he are 24 Year old he go to Boston and make a New Vector Claims base in order to create a community

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