"The answer to life,the universe and everything"
—Overseer Ford

Overview Edit

Vault 42 is a vault located in (accepting suggestions comment if you have one),like all vaults it was made by Vault-tec[1],The vault consist of 200 Male 200 Females and 100 Children and more due to it's real project

Background Edit

During the great war people started reproducing,learning,teaching and etc,The vault now consists more than 15000 people and is still doing the same thing over the years,Old world words and New world hope keeps hem alive and happy for many years with it's own G.E.C.K

After some years some started wandering off,The overseer allowed to and go back every 10 years and tell the others about their journey and teach it to the young ones of course with some souvenirs the vault is still controlled by (Again with suggestions) and was left happy,Because of the G.E.C.K they learned how to find water,Grow crops and more using this advantages some of the wanderers that go out take some and sell them

Behind the scenes Edit

The vault is based on the movie The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy ,Including the overseer Ford which is a friend of the Protagonist

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