Vault 62 is a Vault-Tec Vault in Western Massachusetts. Its experiment was to determine if Pre Nuclear organisms could survive and repopulate the wasteland without the use of a GECK by placing said organisms into cryogenic stasis.


Cryogenics Before the WarEdit

Prior to the creation of the regenerative properties of the stimpak and cryoprotectant chemicals, those who paid to be placed in cryogenic storage would never awake after thawing out hundreds of years later. The water in the cells would expand when frozen, destroying cell membranes and thus rendering the the subject permanently dead.

It wasn't until the mid 2000s that chemicals able to stop ice formation in molecules in the cells and cell rejuvenating solutions was cryonic storage possible with successful revivification. The process would involve an induced coma with cryoprotectant compounds flushing through the system before complete absolute zero freezing. Then after a period of refrigeration until it was time to be woken up, gradual melting would take place and the entire system flushed out with a modified stimpak solution before defibrillation would wake the subject and let them run self sufficiently.

The Long Sleeping VaultEdit

City of the Old WorldEdit


  • 1962 was the year that people started paying to be placed into cryogenic storage.

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