Vault Villains is a series written by Jasper which follows the way the Vault experiments effect dwellers. It doesnt follow strict cannon, for example, vehicles are readily available in the capital wasteland, Little Lamplight has been removed and Vault 87 is now upriver.

Series OneEdit

The story follows ex-dweller Theo as he tries to live in a world full of his greatest fears.

Series One LocationsEdit

Vault 99

Series One Important CharactersEdit

The Imposter
The Doctor

Four CouriersEdit

A planned, stand alone VV spin off story which tells the tail of the four other Mojave couriers in an alternate Vegas in which The Courier died in Goodsprings. Four Couriers is non-cannon in relation to the rest of Vault Villains and goes against Fallout lore in terms of dates, as it requires Angela Bishop not to be born until 2261.

Four Couriers CharactersEdit


Mickey Bricks


The White Arrow
Harvey Bishop

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