This is a list of known Enclave forces in the North West, South West, Northern and Four States Commonwealths of the American Wasteland

Henderson's ForcesEdit

(Main article Henderson's Enclave) In the year 2280 two years after the Enclave-BoS war in the Capital Wasteland 40 personnel were sent from Falls Edge to a Pre-war military base (Now called Phoenix Military Base) in the Utah Wasteland under the command of Colonel Steven Henderson.

The UndefeatedEdit

When the NCR and Brotherhood of Steel overran Navarro in 2242 many of the survivors of the battle scattered to the four winds. One such group led by Major Jon Mann left Navarro in a group of vertibirds and following Jon's vertibird they set down in the Grand Canyon, well within Legion territory. From here using whatever building materials they could recover they built a barracks, HQ, comms room and other facilities into the caves of the Grand Canyon. They also built blinds which they used to hide the vertibirds from sight, from this makeshift base the Undefeated (as they dubbed themselves) raids and attacks both the Legion, and NCR. However they've just began to step up their raids on the Brotherhood of Steel, mostly to recover suits of power armor for new members being trained. Meaning they are equipped with a variety power armors from T-45d and T-51b to Advanced Power Armor Mk. I.

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