Wolf Dornon
Born Arizona
Race Pure strait human
Affiliation Vault 5 (Formely)

Enclave remmants (formely)

The Enclave

Role General
Location New Kentucky

Mojave (random encounter)

Zion (Random encounter)

Arizona (Wip

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Apparel Wolfs Prototype Mk1 Tesla Armor
Weapons Wolfs Plasma Rifle
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Wolf Dornon is related to arch Dornon A drill instructor in the enclave who was at navaro Wolf is a sergent for the enclave he patrols the wasteland sometimes not in his uniform and he finds out some secreats about the ncr but the ncr have forgot about the enclave he disguises as a Desert ranger in the ncr when hes in there territory he has Advanced power armor tesla armor mk1 New kentucky he leads the base thats the base thats there and makes sure no ncr soldiers or bos in the area get in the base he can be found in kentucky in new kentucky entrance and Wolfs face hasnt been seen for years now and people are wondering why wolfs face hasnt been seen by anyone for years Wolf has a long story behind him he owns a pipboy a modiefied variant not seen anywhere in the wasteland it is a pipboy it has a blue screen and a white outlying it is a variant with much more features then the normal pipboy it appears as the pip boy 2000 and it is to put on your arm but it has many features and the pipboy is rusty not that much is known about this pipboy it has been claimed to see by a few people but most people dont believe that they have seen this legendary pip boy that is used by Wolf he has it on him most of the time hes been trying to track old enclave members with it most of them are in the mojave so he has been riding vertibirds into the mojave to see if he can find any old soldiers as well kill ncr soldiers and bos and any raiders that get in our way
Wolf dornon

Wolf Dornon In his tesla armor mk1 power armor

Property Of General GhostSkeleton

Quests Envolved In

Sweet New Kentucky


Wolfs Plasma Rifle Wolfs Prototype Mk1 Tesla Armor Unradiated Cherry Nuka Cola

On death

Vertibird Refuling Schedules

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